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3 Hour Service

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Starts at $500

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Minimal Pain

Having thin, uneven, or patchy eyebrows, can be challenging. Spending countless hours in front of the mirror, feeling insecure, and trying to fix them will make your head spin. Going out and worrying if they got smudged or out of place can make you feel hesitant and unsure.

That's why getting Microblading at BE can be a life-changing moment for you! It can put an end to this vicious cycle and liberate you from the chains of imperfect brows!  

Microblading is the artistic technique of tattooing individual hair strokes with a handheld tool called a Microblade. Unlike traditional tattooing, which uses a machine, Microblading artists hand draw each hair to match the color and coarseness of your eyebrows. The result? Gorgeous, natural-looking eyebrows.

As a Master Artist, I perform Microblading treatments with a unique, world-recognized style of brow shaping and natural strokes, and I continuously perfected my techniques as new products (pigments, needles, etc) and technologies are becoming available.


-- Who is suited for this procedure?

Clients with normal skin are perfect candidates for Microblading, not too oily or sensitive. 

-- How long is the appointment?

It usually takes 2 hours, with most of the time spent going over colors and drawing eyebrow shapes. The microblading portion lasts 30-45 minutes.

-- Does it hurt?

Most clients report little or no pain! We use a topical anesthetic before the procedure to numb the affected area.

-- Does it look like REAL HAIR?

Yes! Because I hand draw every hair stroke, you'll marvel at this super precise technique.

-- How long does it last?

Microbladed eyebrows last 1 to 2 years for most people, before it usually needs a touch up. For permanent lips and eyeliner, it lasts 3 to 5 years.

-- Does microblading work on all skin tones and skin types?

Yes! Microblading works on all skin tones and colors. Check out my Instagram feed. 


-- How long does it take to heal? What is the recovery time?

Brows will take about 4- 6 weeks until they reach their final look. But it only takes 2 weeks for scabbing process to complete. After 2 weeks you can return to normal routine and activities.

-- How often do I need a touchup?

We recommend yearly touch ups to keep the color fresh. It varies from client to client, but it can be 9 months to 2 years, depending on the client’s skin type and life style.

-- Who is not a candidate for a Microblading?

Microblading is not recommended for those with oily skin or large pores. The oil in the skin causes the pigment underneath the skin to disperse. If you suspect you have oily skin, I offer a consultation over phone.

I also do not provide Microblading for people: under 18 years old, pregnant or nursing, if you have diabetes, glaucoma, skin diseases such as Shingles, psoriasis or eczema on the area of treatment, allergies to makeup, Keloid disorder, HIV/Hepatitis, skin cancer, hemophilia, or if you're taking skin medications like ro-accutaine and steroids. 

-- Can Microblading hide or cover up a eyebrow tattoo?

If the previous tattoo or permanent makeup has faded considerably, I may can. 

-- Can microblading hide or cover my scars?

It's great for that! But I recommend sending me a photo of your eyebrows without makeup so I can review and let you know whether you’re a sure candidate for Microblading


60 Days Prior

DO NOT get a chemical peel

28 Days Prior

DO NOT get a Botox treatment

7 Days Prior

DO NOT tan or have a sunburned

DO NOT pluck, wax, tint, thread, or apply any hair removal

DO NOT use Retinols/Retin-A or other anti-aging/acne creams

Do NOT apply on eyebrows any sermons containing acids

48 hours prior

DO NOT take aspirin, ibuprofen, niacin, vitamin E, fish oil (omega-3) or CoQ10 

24 hours prior

DO NOT drink alcohol or caffeine

Appointment day



Day 1

Keep clean and dry, do not touch your eyebrows! They may feel tender and appear a little red. 

Day 1-3

Brows will start developing a thin layer of scab, continue keeping your brows dry and clean. 

Day 4

Apply a rice grain amount of aftercare ointment on each eyebrow with a cotton swab and clean hands, spread a VERY THIN layer of the ointment across the treated area every morning and night.

Brows should not appear greasy, glossy or shiny, if so you used too much, as this can suffocate the skin and delay healing. Never apply ointment on wet or damp tattoo. Continue ointment until your brows are no longer scabbing.

Day 14+

Brows are safe from water. Client may return to normal skincare routines.

Brows will appear very light, after scabs comes off, every week up to 6 weeks color will continue to surface and brows will get darker again

Day 28-42

Your brows are healed and you're feeling unstoppable!!!


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