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Do you want your Manicure to last longer and your nails to look shiny and healthy? Come and pamper your hands with one of our offered Manicure types. Manicure is designed to treat nails and any non-living tissue such as dry skin and nails, including care, arrangement, cutting, shaping, and coloring, in order to maintain palm health and a beautiful and pleasant appearance. 


Two of the most popular nail enhancements used at BE are Russian Manicure and Hard Gel Manicure.


  • Hard Gel Manicure is a special design of the rubber base on the natural nail, which corrects almost any nail:

- An arched look for a flat and shapeless nail, or nails that tilt up/down.

- Keeps the gel polish much better and lasts up to 4 weeks.

- Strengthens the natural nails, especially those that tend to break or fold and also much longer nails.


  • Russian manicure (sometimes referred to as dry or Instrumental manicure) is based on the use of special equipment to remove excess skin surrounding the nail, as a substitute for water soaking techniques, and the use of nail clippers and skin pushers. The goal of the treatment is to remove as much skin around the nail as possible, to make it pleasant and smooth. A well-made Russian manicure can make the nails shiny, radiant, and clean, even improving the way they grow.




There is nothing like the sight of eyes, so you should first be impressed by the pictures of the well-groomed and spectacular hands that have undergone manicure treatment at BE!

And now she is also teaching and inspiring others! 


Would you like to learn the most popular and efficient Manicure Techniques? Do you want to know the secrets from one of the best nail artists in the area? Now you can! Bat-El will teach you how to improve your own skills and teach you her unique method.


She offers a special 3 hours course for Hard and Russian Manicures theoretical and practical training.

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