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Hi, my name is Bat-El Sagi.

Besides being the owner of BE studio, I am a proud wife and mother of three amazing boys.

But let's start my story from the beginning... I started my professional career as a fashion designer. The field of art has always flowed in my veins and it felt like the right thing at that moment.

But then the rational voice in my head (more precisely, the voice of my dear father), told me that I should go in a more realistic direction, which would provide me with a safe, stable, and profitable career. So I studied and became an accountant. Aren't you surprised?

As you can probably guess, I didn't really pursue this career.
The attraction to the world of art was stronger than me, and I began to pave my way in the world of beauty and esthetics and become a nail technician and eyebrows and lips specialist.

And the rest is history!

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Located in West Hills, BE is your one-stop nails, brows, and lips shop. At BE, all of my clients, whether first-time visitors or beloved regulars are guaranteed a pleasant experience. I pride myself on providing my clients with fabulous beauty care while maintaining the highest level of sanitation and sterilization available in the industry.

I guarantee services that are sure to exceed all client expectations; I am precise and pay full attention to detail along with a tailored and friendly service customized for each of my clients.

For me, BE is much more than just a beauty studio! BE is about bringing out the best in you! Your beauty and self-satisfaction are my number one priority. I am dedicated to bringing out only the best in each and every one of my clients. 


I have invested my energy in understanding your needs, tailoring my services to cater to yours, mastering effective beauty techniques, and finding innovative products so the end result is the best.

I keep getting ongoing training to stay in line with the latest trends, technological, treatment advancements, styles and looks.

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